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CMV-VNE-250 camera

The CMOS Vision CMV-VNE-250C camera is an FPGA based colour camera. This camera can have a distance of 2 meters to its tiny sensor. Hence it can be used for many applications like endustrial endoscopy, pipe inspection and alike.

CMV-VNE-250C Camera

  • Colour Camera
  • 250 x 250 pixel resolution, 62K5 pixels
  • Pixel Size : 3u x 3u
  • Sensor Size : 1mm x 1mm
  • 14fps
  • 14 Bits/pixel
  • Dynamic Range: 42dB
  • Temporal Dark Noise rms : 0.7%
  • Expandable Image Processing Pipeline
  • USB 2.0 Interface

The CMV-VNE-250C Camera is in field re-programmable via USB 2.0 interface. This enables update requests to be performed on the field, without calling the camera back.

The application specific real-time operations can be easily implemented by the user in the expandable image processing pipeline. The implementation can also be done by CMOSVision.

CMOS Vision specializes in design and development of customer specific camera solutions. We deliver innovative imaging solutions at the specifications needed, at the shortest time possible, with a competitive budget. Our expertise in imaging electronics helped us do so for many customers since 2004.

CMOSVision provides its customers with innovative designs crafted for custom solutions with a deep focus on individual customer's needs.

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