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CMOSVisionCMOSVision has been developing and marketing smart line cameras, smart array scan cameras and IP Blocks for software and hardware solutions.

All cameras we are marketing are FPGA based and allow user blocks to be put in easily. This allows our customers to use these cameras targeting their specific applications while securely keeping their trade secrets.

Our cameras have been developed in a modular way so that a new camera with higher resolution or with a new interface type can be out in the market at the shortest possible time with lowest possible budget.

This modularity also enables to extend the pre-processing capabilities of our cameras for the customers who would like to get more out of their cameras.

All our cameras are FPGA based are in-Field programmable via their USB2.0 interfaces.

Our IP Blocks are made using algorithms that gives the best results while being area-efficient for FPGAs and time and CPU power efficient for software.


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