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Custom Smart Camera Design

CMOSVision specializes in design and development of customer specific smart cameras. We deliver innovative camera solutions at the specifications needed, at the shortest time possible, with a competitive budget. Our expertise in smart camera design helped us do so for many customers since 2004.

CMOSVision provides its customers with innovative smart camera designs crafted for custom solutions with a deep focus on individual customer's needs.

The numerous custom and off-the-shelf smart cameras we have designed include the below off-the-shelf imaging sensors:

Area Scan Sensors:

  • VITA25K (On Semi)
  • CMV4000 (CMOSIS)
  • CMV2000 (CMOSIS)
  • MT9V124 (Aptina)
  • MT9V022 (Aptina)
  • NanEye (Awaiba)

Line Scan Sensors:

  • Dragster 16K3.5u (Awaiba)
  • Dragster 8K7u (Awaiba)
  • Dragster 8K3.5u (Awaiba)
  • Dragster 4K7u (Awaiba)
  • Dragster 4K500u (Awaiba)


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