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Animated by an energetic, ever growing team of passionate specialists, CMOSVision was founded in 2004 with the sole purpose of providing advanced custom camera designs and solutions to a dynamic and ever more demanding market.

Our development team consists of hand picked individuals with excellent qualifications and invaluable experience in their field. All team members are fully committed to the projects, and are determined to make a tremendous success of CMOSVision.

We are committed to delivering complete, working solutions to a wide range of demands, ranging from aerospace or medical advanced technology to automotive industry, surveillance and security systems and so on.

In order to achieve our main purpose of satisfying various custom needs, we have made our main credo out of keeping a close, direct contact with every one of our customers, quickly responding to their demands. This is why we pay close attention to closely informing our customers about various development stages, to train them in using the final product and to provide them will comprehensive, professional documentation.

We are happy to offer our custom solutions to specific requirements and welcome as much dialogue with our customers as possible.

Machine Vision 2005 - short acceptance speech

Georg Israel

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